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Deeper Life is a 8-week course designed to take you deeper in your faith through Bible studies, conversations, intentional prayer, and practical tools to empower you to become rooted and grounded in the Word and will of God.


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This course is intended to help individuals understand financial stewardship using biblical principles to reduce and/or pay off debt, spend wisely and create a financial saving's plan. 


  • Understanding Kingdom Financial Stewardship

  • Basic budgetary processes of developing, creating, reviewing, and implementing a budget. 

  • Basic understanding of credit, debt management and implementing debt management tools.

  • Basic understanding of a financial savings plan

Biblical Secrets of the Bible by: Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Personal Finance by: Morgen Rochard

Getting out of Debt by: Michael Steven

Instructors: Erica Johnson

Until you've clearly identified who you are in God and what your purpose for existing is, you're living a counterfeit life! It's time you get introduced to the Real you and start living in the authentic Identity and Purpose God tailor-made just for you. After all, that's why He uniquely created you. Using the book "Identity" by Bishop TD. Jakes, this class will help you unwrap the gift that you are to the world and help you navigate through a journey of true self-discovery. 

Book: Identity by: Bishop T.D. Jakes

Instructor: Karen Engandji

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Sisters for the Journey is a discipleship group that develops young adult women (target ages 21-40) through discipleship and disciplined application of God’s Word to effectively impact their families and communities. Women from every walk of life will embark on a life-changing journey that will not only enhance their knowledge of women in the Bible but will also help them discover how to manage the various issues of life through sound biblical principles. 

Book: Life Principles for Women of the Bible, Book 1

by: Wayne Barber, Eddie Rasnake & Richard Shepherd. 

Instructors: Aba Assiaw-Dufu

All of us experience times of anxiety, depression, shame, guilt, addiction, and anger. Unfortunately, too many have carried this baggage for years. It's time to unpack these unwanted issues that keep us from moving forward. Through this class, you will see more clearly how the Bible encourages us to respond to our emotions in grace and truth and gain a better understanding in navigating the trouble waters associated with these common struggles.


  • Self-Love

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Overcoming Self-doubt & Fear

Instructor: Angel Bartlett

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